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Do you have weak fingers? Do you need to use them for something that requires flexibility? Do you want to have a better grip on jars and lids and slippery objects? How about holds for rock climbing or weightlifting? The right exercises can help improve the flexibility, suppleness, and strength of the joints to help people perform everything from basic activities of daily living to higher level physical activities.

I use to love fish sticks as a kid. Of course those were the gross frozen boxed variety. I may be 25 now but I am definitely going to try this recipe. It looks scrumptious and fun. Thanks for the nostalgic trip down memory lane. Gorgeous photos too!

For twenty three years, Sore Fingers Week has been a highlight of the British acoustic music calendar. In that time, over three thousand students have attended the event and enjoyed both the great surroundings at Kingham Hill School and the fantastic line-ups of tutors we have managed to bring all the way from the US and beyond. Almost 200 high profile Bluegrass and Old Time professional individuals have crossed the Atlantic to come here and teach.

2018 promises more of the same and the final line-up of tutors will appear on the courses pages. Keep checking to see if your favourite musician is attending!

For those thinking about attending for the first time, please read the Sore Fingers Experience page which tells you a little more about what to expect if you chose to spend the week with us next Easter. And by the way, it’s good read even if you have been before. It will remind you why you come back year after year!

On a practical note, we have been selling out of accommodation is recent years so early booking is highly recommended if you want to be sure to get what you want. And also, some courses book after than others.

Finally, whilst we have a presence on Facebook, we are actively trying to promote the Sore Fingers private forum to put our students in touch with each other without telling the whole world! Want to know where the other Bluegrass/Old Time pickers are in your local area? Ask the Forum. Check out the forum page of the website to join and find out more.

We look forward to meeting you next Easter!

John, Moira and the Team

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20 Fingers - 20 Fingers Compilation20 Fingers - 20 Fingers Compilation20 Fingers - 20 Fingers Compilation20 Fingers - 20 Fingers Compilation